skif_tag (skif_tag) wrote,

Культура пития по американски. 1947 год

6160823832_61d599bfca_oMixer's Manual, 1947

6160824346_485af948a7_oMixer's Manual, 1947

6160824486_7d71bb360f_oMixer's Manual, 1947

6160956140_0b9840c057_oMixer's Manual, 1947

6160956628_36d33bce9c_oMixer's Manual, 1947

6160283927_2baa83d26e_oMixer's Manual, 1947

6160284137_313bc756e1_oMixer's Manual, 1947

6160284853_e40eb22684_oMixer's Manual, 1947

6160415817_d5acfa18ab_oMixer's Manual, 1947

6160416197_5f415eff71_oMixer's Manual, 1947
Tags: История
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