skif_tag (skif_tag) wrote,

Рукодельная Америка

В 50-е годы Америка с ума сходила по вязанным вещам - писк моды!

Cottons You'll Love, 1955

6097502020_be26ae7c5d_bCottons You'll Love, 1955

6096957509_e7c5bd9ded_bCottons You'll Love, 1955

6096957729_3659f6eb56_bCottons You'll Love, 1955

6096957925_6e0126cb66_bCottons You'll Love, 1955

6097502714_fdf943c989_bCottons You'll Love, 1955

6097502914_73fa74dece_bCottons You'll Love, 1955

Home of Today, 1955

6124727738_b6750efc36_bFor the Home of Today, c1955

6124186629_b887313947_bFor the Home of Today, c1955

6124186749_21434a9a57_bFor the Home of Today, c1955

6124186889_910cf3614d_bFor the Home of Today, c1955

6124728220_30e55049d5_bFor the Home of Today, c1955
Tags: История, США
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