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Очень "атмосферные" снимки города Сочи из нашего недавнего прошлого. Сочи, о котором мечтали трудящиеся 1/6 части суши, которым грезили, поездку в который ждали, оббивая пороги профкомов и завкомов.
Что то мне не по душе эта "атмосфера"...

Оригинал взят у eska в Сочи, 1974 (фотографии Манфреда Шаммера)

Schammer stayed at the Hotel Leningrad, seen here.

He could catch a glimpse of the Black Sea from the hotel room.

The bridge leading into town was busy with tourists.

People milled about on the main street.

These machines distributed water to thirsty crowds.

The rocky beach was just as popular then as it is today.

Deck chairs were set up for catching some rays.

He snapped this photo at a restaurant by the beach.

The surrounding area is lush and mountainous.

This is the arena where Sochi's circus put on performances.

Schammer also paid a visit to one of Sochi's popular sanatoriums.

Like many of the other places of leisure that were built in Sochi in the 1930s, it was made to look like a Greek temple, complete with sculptures and imposing columns.

The spring water used at Sochi's sanatoriums was thought to have many health benefits.

Women sold flowers in the Central Market, open every morning except Monday.

Pet birds were among the things for sale at the market.

Potential customers examined some handmade baskets.

There were also fresh fruit and vegetables for sale.

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